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Fallen Angels: In the Shadows....

Page One

Mac welcomes the team to the briefing, shushes their usual banter, and briefs them on a henge recently discovered off the western coast of Ireland....

Page Two

Specifically, this is Croaghnakeela Island, off Ireland’s Atlantic coast. (a real place, I looked it up)  A shadowy figure with a distinctive ring on his finger is briefing his troops on securing “the relic below the henge.”  Most of these are garden variety troopers, but the shadow figure’s lieutenant is a skilled swordsman, probably some sort of bastard offspring of aristocracy, with training to know how to use his weapon, no doubt an ancient family heirloom.  Maybe magical?

(I entertained the shadow figure having a video communication with Viper here, then dismissed it as an unnecessary complication)

Page Three

High speed transport (supersonic jet?) gets the team to Ireland quickly, but getting to the island is another matter.  Mac has a sense of urgency; the are running out of time.

This is a correct assessment; the shadowy figure and his followers are preparing to leave with their prize (which the shadowy figure has secured in a small, square, high tech briefcase), when the team finally arrives!

Page Four

Shadow figure is seen somewhat more clearly, he’s wearing an elegant, old fashioned purple suit.  He backs off and lets his troopers and the sword wielder take the field.

The troopers are not much, no surprise, but they do seem to take more hits than you’d expect them to before they go down.

Page Five

The sword-wielder, on the other hand, gets in some grazing wounds on Preach, but this only pisses him off.  Preach and Peroxide fight back!

Page Six

Shadow figure doesn’t like the way this is going so he turns to run, but  bumps into Camoflauge, who tries to take the briefcase from him.  Shadow figure hangs on though, as the others continue to beat down the troopers...

Page Seven

...whilst Preach and Peroxide beat the sword-wielder!  Camouflage yanks the briefcase away, but shadowy figure kicks him in the crotch!  His uniform protects him somewhat, but not enough to stop shadowy figure from yanking the briefcase back!

Page Eight

But the tide turns again when Yuki-Onna brings a snowstorm down!  She is guilt about her power, but it shocks shadowy figure enough that Camouflage gets the briefcase back.  Sword-wielder is taken into custody, but...

Page Nine

...shadowy figure escapes. and none of them know how.

They are on the plane back home, when Mac opens the briefcase.  Inside is a mysterious, glowing purple crystal.

Page Ten

Shadowy figure is revealed as my other character, the ‘Shadow of Humanity’.  He vows to get the crystal back!

Quiet scene back at home with the team, having finished a mission successfully.  Yuki-Onna gets a little more confident, perhaps?

(If the action stretches to a couple extra pages, so much the better.  Yes, I am trying real hard to get ‘Shadow of Humanity’ into the picture, as with Burning Blades)


Jay McIntyre
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